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How to make a complaint? We’ve shared some of our complaint procedure to help you out!

We are committed to provide professional services to all clients and customers. Your complaints will be channelled to our officer in charge. We will indicate the solutions to resolve complaints and keeps our commitment to continuous improvement of our services.

This will help us to improve our service going forward and resolve issues as soon as possible. If you have a complaint, please put this in writing by email to us. We will then acknowledge and respond in line with the timeline and stages set out below.


Please provide your formal written complaint in full, confirming your exact complaint points, including dates, names of any members of staff you deal with and, were able to, enclose or attach any supporting evidence.

EMAIL: aasb@arenaauctioneers.com

STAGE 2 : REVIEW ( Timeline: Within 1-3 working days of receiving your complaint )

Your complaint will be review and we will start the complaints process.

STAGE 3 : INVESTIGATION ( Timeline: Within 7 working days of receiving your complaint )

Your complaint will be investigated and one of the staff will provide a formal written response addressing your specific complaints and proposing resolutions where appropriate.

STAGE 4 : FINAL POINT OF VIEW ( Timeline: Within 10 working days of receiving your request for a further review )

If you remain dissatisfied, you should contact us again and we will conduct a separate review to take place by our Managing Director. This will outline our final viewpoint on the matter.